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 Farasaz company was established in 1980 with the aim of implementing industrial and construction projects that have implemented hundreds of construction projects in the field of industrial and construction structures, power transmission lines, lighting and telecommunications.

 Activities: Design, construction and installation of steel structures including residential, commercial, industrial, power plant, power transmission, lighting, telecommunications, hot dip galvanizing and typing testing of power transmission towers.

Commitment to support

Farasaz, along with its integrated team, has been dedicated to providing support to its customers

Cutting-edge technology

By having the latest world-class technologies, we create peace of mind, security, and up-to-dateness for you.

Quality management

Farasaz's authenticity during these decades of activity signifies high quality to ensure client satisfaction.

Experienced engineers

We take pride in having experienced and elite Iranian engineers to guarantee quality.

What services does Farasaz provide?


Design, construction, and installation of various power transmission, lighting, and telecommunications towers

Lattice, self-supporting, lattice mast, telescope, and any type of telecommunications towers you can imagine

Design, construction, and installation of various industrial and building structures

Manufacturing and installation of warehouses, rack systems, steel structures, steel furnaces, and other everyday steel constructions are our expertise

Hot-dip galvanizing services for various steel products

Providing hot-dip galvanizing coating through immersion in molten zinc for various steel structures of our customers

Preparation of test specimens and type testing for power transmission towers

We have the capacity to conduct type testing for lattice and lattice mast transmission towers up to 400 kilovolts for esteemed tower manufacturers.

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Goals and Vision

Our primary goal
The primary vision of Farasaz is to contribute to the country's construction industry by manufacturing various steel structures needed for the infrastructure, promoting national production, and achieving self-sufficiency.
Our second goal
The second goal of Farasaz is to create a space for gathering Iranian elites in a suitable work environment and honoring their contributions
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